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How to produce and eliminate brake noise
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In mountainous areas, the use of braking is too frequent, the brake drum is hot, the friction plate is hard and coking. The hard coking layer 1 rubs with the brake drum, that is to say, it is accompanied by strong noise when braking. When the noise is produced, the braking efficiency declines obviously. The braking noise is the result of the friction and extrusion between the friction plate and the brake drum. It is directly related to the deformation, assembly and adjustment of the brake base plate, resulting in the improper contact position of the friction plate, the reduction of the effective area of the friction plate and the imbalance of the clearance.

If there is noise during braking, it must be repaired immediately and corresponding technical measures shall be taken to ensure safe driving. During repair and maintenance, the original technical specifications shall be strictly implemented. During the assembly, the two ends of the friction plate shall be contacted first, and the contact area at each end accounts for 1 / 3 of the total length of the plate, so that the effective area of the contact part is not less than 70%, the thickness difference between the two parts is not more than 0.lmm, and the middle part is about 0.2o3rnm lower than the two ends. When braking, the disc and drum can be smoothly combined, and the brake shoe is not askew, forming four points of friction. In addition, the brake fastening parts (i.e. camshaft, bracket seat, shoe pin shaft, etc.) shall be tightened and the clearance shall be adjusted according to the specified technical standards.

In order to improve the noise and the heat decay of the friction plate, it is necessary to install a simple water spraying device on the front and rear brakes of vehicles in mountainous areas. It has been proved that the current method of cooling the brake drum by spraying water is an effective and simple method to improve the overheating of the brake, reduce the surface hardening of the friction plate, increase the service life and reduce the noise.

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