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How to deal with the slow response of vacuum pressurized brake drum?
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How to deal with the slow response of the vacuum booster brake drum? This fault is manifested in the phenomenon of step free when using the brake. It is similar to the lack of oil in the master cylinder or the oil leakage in the brake system, but it is different from the lack of oil and oil leakage. For example, if the brake pedal is pressed again continuously, it has a good braking effect. This kind of failure is quite dangerous, because every time you brake, you have to press the pedal several times, which will lead to excessive vacuum consumption and no braking.

Therefore, it must be eliminated immediately, otherwise it will be extremely harmful to driving safety. The main reasons for this failure are:

① the brake system is not checked and adjusted regularly, resulting in excessive clearance between brake shoe and brake drum.

② the brake fluid is too dirty, and the dirt destroys the sealing of the return valve. For the reason of the structure of the device, the liquid storage part of the booster pump is limited. If the clearance between the shoe and the drum is too large, a foot brake will appear, which can not make the shoe and the drum contact, thus

It leads to several foot treads.

③ according to the requirements, a certain residual pressure shall be kept in the pipeline behind the oil return valve to ensure that the next brake can work in time. If there is too much dirt in the pipeline, the sealing of the oil return valve will be damaged, resulting in too much oil return. The troubleshooting method is:

① check and adjust the brake system as required. The common inspection method is: the empty stroke of the brake pedal should not

If it is more than 1 / 2 of the full stroke, if it fails to meet the requirements, the clearance between the brake drum and the shoe shall be adjusted, and the standard clearance shall be 0.3mm.

② if there is too much dirt, replace all the brake fluid. Before replacing the brake fluid, clean the whole vehicle pipeline (with alcohol).

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